Be a Better Mom


I’ve been striving to be a better mother as I could. For some point, I am feeling guilty for not controlling my temper. There will comes a time that they were trying to push my buttons, heat me up to the peak of my patience.

Many times I am dead tired from office works, house cleaning, kitchen and kids. Sometimes all I can do is to let them cry, play alone and never listen to them at all. But this situation always make me stressed and the kids do have stress too.

That was then I realized I have to be strict. And to be a better mom I have to tighten up my patience and implement rules for the kids.

I’ve started the if and then rules. Like “if you clean up your toys then we can have a walk outside” or if you finish your food then I will let you play”. Simple rules like this give them the consequences to do, to follow or not, or else I will stick to my decisions to not let them do what they want. This is not just teaching them to follow rules but also teaching them to be patient as well. I praise them when they obey and sometimes award them for being good.

Rules are important to discipline our kids. We also have some rules like no games while having their meals. And I give them time for everything like time for watching televisions, time for games and time to study. And I tried to spend a few minutes to hang with them in between kitchen and kids, laundry then kids or I let them help me clean the house and pick up their toys.

It is really hard to be a mother but what I’ve learned is to not take your kids tantrums seriously. Because they only want your attention  to cuddle and pamper them. Laugh with them, enjoy and have fun. Don’t bother those scattered toys and pick them up from time to time, instead you join hands with your kids to clean up and arrange their toys in its proper places. Don’t mind those untidy kitchen you can do it later when kids are focused on playing. What’s important is you both have a stress free and happy time together.

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What to Look For When You Buy a Blender

The very first thing that you want to ask yourself before you buy a blender is “what will I be using my blender for?” If you’re just going to be doing quick blending, even moderate juicing, then you should be fine with an easy single to double serve blender. However, if you’re going to be doing heavy duty baking and making butter and your own flower, then you should definitely go with a higher duty blender.

How much do I want to spend?

If you have an unlimited budget for a blender (lucky you!) then you can easily go for a $400+ price tag of the high end blender. However if you’re trying to stat conservative, there are plenty of options based on what you’re going to be using your blender for. Honestly, if you’re just going to be doing the blending based on baking or making a quick smoothly, you can spend under $100. Don’t believe? Go check out the best value for money blender review, you can definitely get one within your budget, you just need to compromise on the features.

How often will you use your blender?

Are you going to be making a milkshake every now and then? If so, an inexpensive model will suit you just fine. However if you do heavy entertaining, or are an avid baker or juicer, you may want to invest in a higher end model. When you have an inexpensive model, it is easier to replace. Then again, you may have to do so more often. Take a look at blender reviews to see what experiences others have had with the blender you’re considering

What types of bonus features do I want?

You may see two models of blenders that are seemingly the same, but one has a slightly higher price tag. Why? Manufacturers will add additional features for those who might be interested. For example, some may add a juicing option or an ice crushing option. If you’re in a store that offers you an associate to help you with your purchase, remember that they are paid to sell items. Be sure to keep in mind what you’re there for. Take into consideration what they’re saying, but just stand firm in what you’re looking for.

Look for a sturdy base

Before you buy a blender, make sure you give a good feel to the base. If they tend to wobble a lot when you give them a gentle shake, then you have a good inclination that the blending won’t have as much quality.
When you’re buying a blender, just make sure you read the blender reviews online so that you know that you’re getting what you pay for.

Can You Save Money by Using a Bread Maker?

Baking your own bread is enjoyable. There’s nothing in this world as tasty as bread right from the oven, and all it requires is a dab of butter or a little jam to make it into a feast.

Whenever I want to make my house smell wonderful, I bake some bread. Homemade bread is healthier and tastier than store-bought bread, but I was surprised to learn that it’s almost always cheaper, too. I assumed that I could never compete on price with a big factory that turns out thousands of loaves of bread in a day, but the ingredients to make bread are so inexpensive that I’ve discovered that I can beat the price of even the most cut rate, bland bread in the supermarket.

You can usually find a loaf of plain, white bread for two dollars or so in the market, but a loaf of whole grain or sourdough bread will probably cost more like three to five dollars. I don’t worry about gluten, but if you do, you’re probably paying a lot more for a loaf of bread than that.

The main ingredient in any loaf of bread is flour. The average loaf of bread requires about one pound of flour. When I started baking my own bread using a bread maker, I started buying flour in bulk packaging of up to fifty pounds. I found it easy to get flour for as little as fifty cents per pound if I bought in bulk. I needed a few other ingredients, like yeast, salt, and a little oil for the loaf pan, but these ingredients are just as inexpensive as flour, and each loaf requires very small amounts. When I added up all the ingredients, they came to less than a dollar a loaf to make my own bread. That meant I was saving between one and four dollars per loaf of bread just by getting a bread maker and making my own.

Food experts report that the average person in the United States eats eighty loaves of bread in a year. That means that a family of four that uses a bread machine instead of store-bought bread could save from $320 to over $1,000 per year over buying bread from the store.

That kind of savings made purchasing my bread maker pay for itself in a few months, and the quality and freshness of the bread I was eating was better than anything I could buy. Modern bread machines take so much labor out of the time it takes to make bread in the home, there’s really no reason not to start baking your own bread today. My latest favorite for bread machine is the zojirushi brand, not to brag, but it really gives you consistent good fluffy and tastiest bread I ever tasted. Nothing your local grocery shop can compete and it’s just with a single press of a button. If you don’t believe me, check out this zojirushi bread machine review yourself.

Are You Cleaning Your Oven?

best small countertop oven

For the cook or cooks of the household, the oven is like a shrine. A shrine to all things tasty and delicious, to the delicate scent of home baking and all manner of delicious fare however whether or not there’s continuously a “shine” on the shrine is another matter altogether. Oven cleaning – who likes it!

“Well not me”

But this is a job that must be tackled as I do not like to be found out cooking the food for my family in a dirty oven; purge the thought! So I make it a regular job that I do about once every 4 weeks and this schedule seems to work well for my family and my busy days.

My way works fairly well, with not too much effort and produces a very good result. My oven is not new – in fact it is over 10 years old now, and it still looks like it was installed in my kitchen yesterday. It looks great for its age; like its owner.

Oven cleaning is not an easy task to tackle, as any house wife or house husband can tell you. So let me tell you how I do it.

I use a dual approach. I find it best to use a dual cleaning method on my oven to bring it back to life.

First I resort to the way my elderly Grandmother taught me; this was well before the days of oven cleaner in an aerosol can. I leave a small dish of cloudy ammonia inside my oven overnight and do remember to leave the door shut or the resulting fumes will be noticeable and we don’t want that.

Next morning I give the oven a thorough wipe out with a warm soft cloth; something like a microfiber cloth gives the best results. This is my best chance to gently dislodge anything stuck to the walls of my oven with a plastic non-scratch spatula. So go on… give your oven walls a gentle scrapping down to remove all baked on debris.

Now, for the best part. I give the whole oven a heavy coating of any brand of commercial or household oven cleaner. Take out all the racks and trays etc. Place these in the laundry tub or if you don’t have one the kitchen sink will do. Spray the racks and trays heavily with the aerosol oven cleaner; and wait. I like to go and sit down with a cup of tea and read a magazine while I let the cleaner do the hard yards.

Back 2-3 hours later your oven now needs a good wash again. Back to the microfiber cloth. And some simple dish soap, you need to wipe and rinse the cloth over and over until your oven is sparkling inside. Lastly I wipe the outside faces of the oven and all the little knobs and dials get a good wipe down too.

Phew! It’s done – if you followed along with me you will now have a sparkling clean oven to be proud of for your next baking project or home-made meal.

So at the end of day, if you are asking me which is the best oven to buy, it’s the one with the self cleaning function. Forget all the bells and whistle, after spending hours after hours cleaning your oven, you will understand.

Vacuums aren’t Just for Carpet

If your home has hardwood floors in even some of its rooms, you may still be bothering with a broom and mop as part of your cleaning routine. If you do a little digging, you can come up with a vacuum cleaner for wood floors that will address your carpets and hardwood floors equally well. I want to go over a few things with you that you should keep in mind when you are going out to get your floor cleaning panacea.

What’s The Best Vacuum For Hard Floors?

If you do any kind of maintenance on your hardwood floor, or if you cringe every time you hear something scrape on your floor, then you know that you don’t want anything on your floor that may cause scratches or otherwise mar the floor’s finish. The very first thing you want to make sure of is that any vacuum you look at will be a suitable vacuum for hardwood floors. If it has spinning brushes that you can’t turn off, forget about it. If you want to use the same vacuum on your carpets and your hardwood, then you will at least need any brushes to be able to be turned off. Spinning brushes will work against you two way when you are on the hardwood floor: they will scatter dust and dirt all over the place, and dirt that gets caught between the brush and the floor could make some annoying scratches. In addition to making sure there are no brushes or brushes that you can turn off, you want to make sure that a vacuum will have attachments that can reach under and around furniture and appliances that are on the hardwood floor. Well, if you do accidentally scratch your hardwood floor, check out this tip to reduce the scratches. It won’t completely remove it, but it won’t be as visible.

To Bag or not to Bag

You are going to want to know this before you go buying. Bagged vacuums are a bit easier to empty if you want to avoid a mess, while bag less vacuums will be easier to empty if you are not very sensitive to the dust and dander in the vacuum’s collection well. If you are sensitive to in-home allergens, then the bag option may be better for you. On the other hand, if you don’t have any allergic sensitivity to dust and dander or mites, you might like the ease of a dust well over a collection bag.

Just think ahead

Make sure that your choice of vacuum for hardwood floor has options and features that you will need, and stay away from anything that talks a big game without the reviews and customer rating to back it up. Lastly, read those customer reviews as it will tell you whether those features they offered are actually useful. VacuumCleanerReviewsHQ.NET is a good place to start with.

10 Minutes To Refresh

With all the mothers task and responsibilities, do you take some time to unwind or refresh? We are just humans not robots. Like candles we  also tends to melt away, and as batteries we also loose energy.

There are many ways to unwind. You can go out for a walk not only to unwind but also a good exercise for your body and mind. You can also have a window shopping or just popped up in the groceries or supermarket, this will also add new idea for your menu. If you really has no time, even an online window shopping or just browse through your favorite website is also good. For me, checking out a scrapbook tips online has been a great relaxing therapy.

But the most effective way I refresh in a very easy and cheap way is to have a 10 minutes coffee break. Either at the coffee shop or just outside the terrace. What’s important is to refresh and relax. Clear out all the whole day stress and regain power. This is my simple way to ready myself for a new battle. And be strong enough to accomplish my task.

Having a relax and clear mind you are ready to face your kids tantrums, untidy kitchen and busy task around the house. I can always have a good smile while busy preparing our meals that results to a deliciously foods. I can deal with the kids and keep my temper balance.

As a mother we need to always have a nice smile, good moods and know how to get mad when it needs to. Be sensitive to kids emotion and adjust yourself to have a long lasting happy relationship. Our kids happiness is our happiness too. Give them all the best they could. Balance your time to have a special moments with your kids that they will treasure forever. In no time your kids will give back all the love and support you’ve given to them.