10 Minutes To Refresh

With all the mothers task and responsibilities, do you take some time to unwind or refresh? We are just humans not robots. Like candles we  also tends to melt away, and as batteries we also loose energy.

There are many ways to unwind. You can go out for a walk not only to unwind but also a good exercise for your body and mind. You can also have a window shopping or just popped up in the groceries or supermarket, this will also add new idea for your menu. If you really has no time, even an online window shopping or just browse through your favorite website is also good. For me, checking out a scrapbook tips online has been a great relaxing therapy.

But the most effective way I refresh in a very easy and cheap way is to have a 10 minutes coffee break. Either at the coffee shop or just outside the terrace. What’s important is to refresh and relax. Clear out all the whole day stress and regain power. This is my simple way to ready myself for a new battle. And be strong enough to accomplish my task.

Having a relax and clear mind you are ready to face your kids tantrums, untidy kitchen and busy task around the house. I can always have a good smile while busy preparing our meals that results to a deliciously foods. I can deal with the kids and keep my temper balance.

As a mother we need to always have a nice smile, good moods and know how to get mad when it needs to. Be sensitive to kids emotion and adjust yourself to have a long lasting happy relationship. Our kids happiness is our happiness too. Give them all the best they could. Balance your time to have a special moments with your kids that they will treasure forever. In no time your kids will give back all the love and support you’ve given to them.

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