Be a Better Mom

I’ve been striving to be a better mother as I could. For some point, I am feeling guilty for not controlling my temper. There will comes a time that they were trying to push my buttons, heat me up to the peak of my patience.

Many times I am dead tired from office works, house cleaning, kitchen and kids. Sometimes all I can do is to let them cry, play alone and never listen to them at all. But this situation always make me stressed and the kids do have stress too.

That was then I realized I have to be strict. And to be a better mom I have to tighten up my patience and implement rules for the kids.

I’ve started the if and then rules. Like “if you clean up your toys then we can have a walk outside” or if you finish your food then I will let you play”. Simple rules like this give them the consequences to do, to follow or not, or else I will stick to my decisions to not let them do what they want. This is not just teaching them to follow rules but also teaching them to be patient as well. I praise them when they obey and sometimes award them for being good.

Rules are important to discipline our kids. We also have some rules like no games while having their meals. And I give them time for everything like time for watching televisions, time for games and time to study. And I tried to spend a few minutes to hang with them in between kitchen and kids, laundry then kids or I let them help me clean the house and pick up their toys.

It is really hard to be a mother but what I’ve learned is to not take your kids tantrums seriously. Because they only want your attention  to cuddle and pamper them. Laugh with them, enjoy and have fun. Don’t bother those scattered toys and pick them up from time to time, instead you join hands with your kids to clean up and arrange their toys in its proper places. Don’t mind those untidy kitchen you can do it later when kids are focused on playing. What’s important is you both have a stress free and happy time together.

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