Can You Save Money by Using a Bread Maker?

Baking your own bread is enjoyable. There’s nothing in this world as tasty as bread right from the oven, and all it requires is a dab of butter or a little jam to make it into a feast.

Whenever I want to make my house smell wonderful, I bake some bread. Homemade bread is healthier and tastier than store-bought bread, but I was surprised to learn that it’s almost always cheaper, too. I assumed that I could never compete on price with a big factory that turns out thousands of loaves of bread in a day, but the ingredients to make bread are so inexpensive that I’ve discovered that I can beat the price of even the most cut rate, bland bread in the supermarket.

You can usually find a loaf of plain, white bread for two dollars or so in the market, but a loaf of whole grain or sourdough bread will probably cost more like three to five dollars. I don’t worry about gluten, but if you do, you’re probably paying a lot more for a loaf of bread than that.

The main ingredient in any loaf of bread is flour. The average loaf of bread requires about one pound of flour. When I started baking my own bread using a bread maker, I started buying flour in bulk packaging of up to fifty pounds. I found it easy to get flour for as little as fifty cents per pound if I bought in bulk. I needed a few other ingredients, like yeast, salt, and a little oil for the loaf pan, but these ingredients are just as inexpensive as flour, and each loaf requires very small amounts. When I added up all the ingredients, they came to less than a dollar a loaf to make my own bread. That meant I was saving between one and four dollars per loaf of bread just by getting a bread maker and making my own.

Food experts report that the average person in the United States eats eighty loaves of bread in a year. That means that a family of four that uses a bread machine instead of store-bought bread could save from $320 to over $1,000 per year over buying bread from the store.

That kind of savings made purchasing my bread maker pay for itself in a few months, and the quality and freshness of the bread I was eating was better than anything I could buy. Modern bread machines take so much labor out of the time it takes to make bread in the home, there’s really no reason not to start baking your own bread today. My latest favorite for bread machine is the zojirushi brand, not to brag, but it really gives you consistent good fluffy and tastiest bread I ever tasted. Nothing your local grocery shop can compete and it’s just with a single press of a button. If you don’t believe me, check out this zojirushi bread machine review yourself.

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