Are You Cleaning Your Oven?

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For the cook or cooks of the household, the oven is like a shrine. A shrine to all things tasty and delicious, to the delicate scent of home baking and all manner of delicious fare however whether or not there’s continuously a “shine” on the shrine is another matter altogether. Oven cleaning – who likes it!

“Well not me”

But this is a job that must be tackled as I do not like to be found out cooking the food for my family in a dirty oven; purge the thought! So I make it a regular job that I do about once every 4 weeks and this schedule seems to work well for my family and my busy days.

My way works fairly well, with not too much effort and produces a very good result. My oven is not new – in fact it is over 10 years old now, and it still looks like it was installed in my kitchen yesterday. It looks great for its age; like its owner.

Oven cleaning is not an easy task to tackle, as any house wife or house husband can tell you. So let me tell you how I do it.

I use a dual approach. I find it best to use a dual cleaning method on my oven to bring it back to life.

First I resort to the way my elderly Grandmother taught me; this was well before the days of oven cleaner in an aerosol can. I leave a small dish of cloudy ammonia inside my oven overnight and do remember to leave the door shut or the resulting fumes will be noticeable and we don’t want that.

Next morning I give the oven a thorough wipe out with a warm soft cloth; something like a microfiber cloth gives the best results. This is my best chance to gently dislodge anything stuck to the walls of my oven with a plastic non-scratch spatula. So go on… give your oven walls a gentle scrapping down to remove all baked on debris.

Now, for the best part. I give the whole oven a heavy coating of any brand of commercial or household oven cleaner. Take out all the racks and trays etc. Place these in the laundry tub or if you don’t have one the kitchen sink will do. Spray the racks and trays heavily with the aerosol oven cleaner; and wait. I like to go and sit down with a cup of tea and read a magazine while I let the cleaner do the hard yards.

Back 2-3 hours later your oven now needs a good wash again. Back to the microfiber cloth. And some simple dish soap, you need to wipe and rinse the cloth over and over until your oven is sparkling inside. Lastly I wipe the outside faces of the oven and all the little knobs and dials get a good wipe down too.

Phew! It’s done – if you followed along with me you will now have a sparkling clean oven to be proud of for your next baking project or home-made meal.

So at the end of day, if you are asking me which is the best oven to buy, it’s the one with the self cleaning function. Forget all the bells and whistle, after spending hours after hours cleaning your oven, you will understand.

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